You are currently viewing Thanksgiving is almost here…I can’t believe it!

Thanksgiving is almost here…I can’t believe it!

Hello everyone,
I am so shocked to realize that Thanksgiving is already upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner. How time flies!
I thought I would share with you these cute ideas if you need a spark for your creativity.

Thanksgiving Minions – 

IMG 8358
IMG 8491

My kiddos made cute little Minions to decorate our door. Our theme was ” A Minion Reasons to Give Thanks!” 

After we decorated our door with Minions and tissue paper ears of corn, we had another fun activity. We made turkey puppets!

IMG 8634

These were super simple to do. We made them in one afternoon. I made wattles out of red construction paper, feet out of orange construction paper, beaks out of yellow construction paper. Eyes and feathers were cut out of white copy paper. The pupils of the eyes were made black markers. The back was half of a paper plate. The kids had to color the feathers and their turkey backs, which gave me time to help them one on one assemble the pieces with glue. We let them dry overnight, and then they were ready. We learned a Thanksgiving song (available in my TPT store HERE). Take a look at the product preview video and you can see the kiddos singing the song and waving their turkeys. (Parents gave permission to post their performance on TPT.)

We also made the cutest placemats and wrote what we were thankful for on them, colored them, and then I laminated them. I got the placemat templates from Fun Reading and Writing Resources on TPT.  Here is the link: Thanksgiving Placemats They came out great, but I forgot to take pictures. :(

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Best wishes for success always,

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