5 Fun and Engaging Poetry Activities Your Students Will Love

poetry resources and activities for grades 4-8

Poetry can be used for teaching so many different reading skills. Using poetry activities for building fluency, deepening comprehension, and teaching vocabulary are just a few. Below, I’ll share just a few of my favorite poetry activities with you, and you’ll see just how much I love teaching with poetry. 

poetry scavenger hunt

poetry scavenger hunts, one of my favorite poetry activities

One of my favorite ways to teach poetic devices and figurative language is through a scavenger hunt. Any time you can make one of your poetry activities a game, it’s a win with the students. Kids love the search and the “found it” win.

This resource includes two poetry scavenger hunt options as well as an assignment card to get them started. Students are tasked with finding text evidence to support their responses. It’s challenging, yet lots of fun.

Here’s what one teacher had to say about the activity,

Figurative language can be tricky for middle schoolers, and I like really this scavenger hunt as an introduction to any text in which we will focus on the language standard L.5. The students enjoyed the hunt, and I will use this again in the fall.”

figurative language Flashcards and worksheets practice

In addition to scavenger hunts, another important poetry activity is to teach key vocabulary. I have included flashcards that you can use in games or put on a ring for kids to review. With the figurative language flashcards, you can work on matching terms and definitions, use them to mark examples as you read, or use them with the graphic organizer.

We all know that students need a variety of poetry activities to master concepts. Each student has a unique learning style, so I try to use a variety of options to meet the kids’ needs. 

figurative language practice
poetic devices and figurative language

Use practice and assessment to decide your next steps

As we are working on poetic devices and figurative language, we can use the activities for formative and summative assessments. I have included a practice page/quiz as well as a summative assessment to help you with knowing your next steps. 

Recommended Reading & Answer keys provided

Of course, with just these activities, you’re students will likely need additional poetry activities and practice. I have included a list of my favorite go-to books for teaching poetry along with answer keys to make your work a little easier. 

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recommended poetry books and answer keys

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