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Merry Christmas! Make a sock snowman!

Sorry to have been away so long, but I caught the flu this season and it really drained me. On top of that, the hustle and bustle of the holidays took all the rest of my energy. I am feeling better now, although I still have a persistent cough that just hangs on and on like the energizer rabbit.

I hope everyone had a great Hanukkah and a wonderful Christmas! Ours was absolutely wonderful! I just loved the Christmas card I received from TPT!

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My husband and I had a quiet Christmas at home. I made a standing rib roast and we invited a friend for dinner. I missed the kids and grandkids who live so far away now, but they did love their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. We send you our best wishes!

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I think the best part of our Christmas was being able to help some people with some big surprises…it really IS better to give than receive. One thing we started this year that I think will now become a part of our holiday tradition…we bought cream cakes for the firehouses in our area and took them to the firefighters who had to work over the holiday. They really looked surprised and appreciated it! :)

I wanted to share this great winter craft that you can still do with your kids in January, or even February…a snowman made from a sock! I decorated mine with a Christmas theme, but you can change it up with the materials you have on hand. It turned out so cute…

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To make a winter snowman: Take a long white tube sock, and cut the top ribbed part off to use for a hat. Stuff the sock with cotton, plastic stuffing pellets or raffia…I used Easter grass! Add a weight and sew up the bottom. Tie off into three sections. Glue ribbed piece on top of head, gather opening together and sew a pom pom on top. Decorate with ribbons, buttons, plastic ornaments, etc. 

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Looking forward to a fantastic New Year! 


Deborah Hayes

aka HappyEdugator

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