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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, my intention to post something everyday obviously didn’t pan out. I had a very busy week, and I have been recovering from some flu bug that really wiped me out. I came home from work everyday and sometimes ended up going to bed by 7:30! Not much time for blogging,

Monsters Are Due On Maple St the twilight zone 1065942 1024 768When we returned to school from Veteran’s Day weekend, my students were so happy to hear that I had planned an unusually “fun” week. We took on some drama this week! Really. They were tickled to get to read the play “The Monsters are due on Maple Street.” It is a teleplay of the TV series The Twilight Zone, and was first aired in March, 1960. (About a week before I was born!) I built background about life in the 1950’s, and then my students read the play out loud. They loved acting it out, and they really read with expression. We finished Act I on Tuesday, and Act II on Wednesday, and on Thursday we watched the actual video. They love seeing their characters come to life!

red scarf girlbookcoverEveryday, we still continued reading our anchor book, Red Scarf Girl, and we made the connection between the two texts about “mob mentality.” It was interesting how everything fell together. We had a great discussion how people can be swept up by how others are acting, and how important it is to step back and think for yourself. In Red Scarf Girl, they could see how Ji Li Jiang was at first enthusiastic about the Cultural Revolution and chairman Mao, and how she was caught up in the fervor until she started to think and see for herself. In the play, the Monsters are due on Maple Street, the people panic and become a mob that destroy themselves based on fear. Only one character seemed to be rational and speak out against this behavior, but the mob took over. My kids were able to make the connection about the way they behaved in the play to events in the novel, and even to historical events they knew about, such as the Salem witch trials.

hobokenchickenemergencyAll this led up to our main event on Friday, the day before our Thanksgiving break. We watched the movie “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency” which is a silly movie about a boy who gets a giant chicken for Thanksgiving when he goes out to buy a turkey for his parents, and the chicken gets away and creates a panic in the city. (Again, mob mentality) The ending was a lesson…the citizens come together with love and kindness instead of fear and panic to bring the chicken “home.”

After we watched the movie, and made even more connections, we then performed “Gobble it Up… A Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater” (for sale in my TPT store) and everyone had a part to do, and some had two. What fun! No mob mentality here…just Mr. Turkey Lurkey running for his life. (He doesn’t make it). If you want a copy, here is the link:

Beyond the classroom, we had a special luncheon on Wednesday for our Veteran’s, Thursday for Parent Appreciation, and Friday for our teacher Thanksgiving! Whew! Here are photos of our Veteran’s Day luncheon and the display case we put together of teacher memorabilia from the heroes among us.



At our Veteran’s Day luncheon, the VFW came by and 3 of my students were announced winners in this year’s Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest! 





They had their picture taken, along with our principal, vice-principal, the representative from the VFW and myself for our local paper. Way to go girls!

As you can see, it was definitely a busy week! And our Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. (I didn’t have to cook…just decorate.) I would put photos of that up, too, but I am still learning how to get them off my new smart phone.

I want to give another shout out to those of you who have been following about the TPT teacher who was in CCU in Atlanta. The family was told she might never wake up and to pray. Well, prayers have been streaming in from all over the world, and she is awake, off the ventilator and talking! The many sales of the TPT special packets put together to raise money for her medical expenses has brought tears to her eyes. What a great kindness! It looks like she will make it, and the money will really help. Last I heard, over $2000 had been raised. You can still help. Just check out the links in my previous post. :)

cyber 2012 700x90 1


Also, TPT is having a CYBER MONDAY sale on November 26. I will be offering 20% off everything in my store, and TPT will take an additional 10% off of that! Wow! Now that is a great deal!  So, have fun with family, don’t eat too much turkey, enjoy Black Friday, rest up and get ready for Cyber Monday!

Blessings to you all, always.



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