Earth Day and Testing

Happy Earth Day! I gave all my students bookmarks today to put in their AR books since they were going to be reading a lot after testing. 🙂

Earth Day - World Themed Bookmarks


ʉۢApril 22, 1970 РSenator Nelson from Wisconsin calls for an environmental teach-in or Earth Day after witnessing a large oil spill off the coast of California in 1969. 20 million participated the first year.

•April 22, 1990 – Earth Day became an international event with 141 countries participating

Today, after school, I made it a point to go by my recycling center in honor of Earth Day. Here are some ways you can recycle and help save the planet:

•Recycle printer ink at Staples or OfficeMax for store credit

•Recycle electronics at

•Recycle fluorescent light bulbs at Home Depot

•Publix Supermarket accepts Styrofoam meat trays and egg cartons; most grocery stores and even big stores like Wal-mart collect paper and plastic bags

•Advance Auto Parts recycles used motor oil

Today was also our first day of testing. Everything went smoothly! Phew! Four more to go.

After the test, I let my students work quietly on my Earth-Day-Crossword-Puzzle and my Earth-Day-Word-Search-Puzzle. Before I took them to lunch, we reviewed ways we can reduce, reuse, recycle on Earth-Day-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-PowerPoint.

When we returned from lunch to our abbreviated schedule for the day, my kids really groaned when I told them to get out paper and pencil so we could get to work! Ha ha…they thought I was really going to work them hard. I cranked up the Smartboard and the projector, and surprised them with a simple anticipation guide (agree or disagree statements) for our new book, an autobiography…The Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson. With that easy assignment, we led right into a KWL chart about the brain, and then surprise! We clicked on the picture of the brain and watched a Discovery Education video about the functionality of the brain. For a ticket out the door, the kids just had to give me their KWL- with 10 facts about the brain they learned from the clip. We paused a couple of times during the video to discuss some of our own personal experiences and stories of how our amazing brain works. I am excited that they really seemed to be engaged in the activity, and they are ready to start reading tomorrow. My students are actually looking forward to reading his autobiography now. Yay!

We finished reading the novel Peak by Roland Smith last week. I was surprised by how well it led into our new book, because we had been studying how the brain slows down at altitude without enough oxygen, or O’s as the climbers call it. Dr. Carson was a famous brain surgeon who separated Siamese twins, which is why we are studying the human brain. I also tied it in to getting circulation going to get O’s to our brains when we took our stretch break during testing, hehe. My students are very interested in the mechanisms of the brain. Maybe we will have some future brain surgeons inspired! I do know several students now want to climb Mt. Everest!

Well, that’s all for now. Another day of testing tomorrow! Time to get some rest.

All my best,

Deborah Hayes

aka HappyEdugator

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