Happy New Year and a Sale!

Happy New Year everyone! It looks like it is time to get back to reality. I have been working for two days taking down Christmas decorations, and I am still not finished! Phew! Hopefully, I will have it all done by the time I go back to school, which lucky for me, isn’t until Thursday! However, I know many teachers are headed back to the classroom this week, and some already have…or would have if they didn’t have a snow day.

So, to celebrate, I decided to have a sale. If you stop by my TPT store, you will find everything marked down. I think that would be a great way to start the year!

Here are a few products for January that you might like:


Happy New Year - Making Resolutions and Setting Goals


New Year's Traditions Handouts and Quiz


Martin Luther King Jr. PowerPoint and MLK Writing Assignment


Penguins - Fun Facts About the Life of a Penguin PowerPoint

And of course…a FREEBIE!


New Year Balloon Activity

Stay warm, and have a great start back to school!


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