Veterans Day Activities

Veterans Day is coming, and I thought I’d take some time to share a few Veterans Day activities with you. It’s been a crazy few days, but we survived hurricane Matthew with no damage. We did have a lot of yard cleanup to do. Thankfully, we were able to get up all the limbs and get things back to normal pretty quickly and with minimal back aches!

Our big adventure then began. We drove across the country from Florida to Seattle, Washington. I should have written a blog just about our amazing trip, but I was driving all the time. Really…it took us nine days! We finally arrived after what seemed like forever, and I am now getting to spend some much-desired time with my grandchildren.

So, it is much colder here, and wetter. I have a nice little office at my son’s house that I can hole up in for the winter. I should be warm and dry inside. However, my car is leaking water from the roof…I will need to get that fixed soon! It has rained steadily every day since we arrived last week.

So, I now have a computer set up and I can get back. November is here, and you may be thinking what to do now that Halloween and all the hoopla is over. Well, I always spend time on Veterans Day teaching kids about the importance of honoring our service men and women who protect us and our freedom. I usually had the Women’s Auxiliary of our local Veterans come in and visit our classroom. They loved to do this, and would teach about the flag and how to fold it, etc. They will do this for elementary and middle school kids.

Also, being a Language Arts teacher, my students would also write letters to our sailors at sea. Our district encourages participation at all levels, since we have many military families.

The VFW also has an annual essay contest that my students enter every year. If you have a middle school student who is interested in winning $5000 or a high school student interested in winning $30,000, in scholarship money, you should check out the Patriot’s Pen contest and encourage your students to enter.

I highly recommend this PowerPoint by Fun Reading and Writing Resources on TPT to explain to your students about the holiday:

Veterans Day - How and Why We Celebrate Veterans Day PowerPoint

Veterans Day – How and Why We Celebrate PowerPoint

My students love games and puzzles, and they hardly realize they are learning when they are doing them. I play the on-screen Veterans Day Word Jumble or give them hard copies of my Veterans Day Word Puzzles as fun supplemental activities. You can find them here:

For grades 3 and up:

Veterans Day Jumbled Words Game

Veterans Day Jumble Words GAME 

For upper elementary and middle school:

Veterans Day Word Puzzles

Veterans Day Word Puzzles

For the younger learners: (On Sale Today for only $1)

Veterans Day Activities - Print and Go

Veterans Day Fun Activities – Print and Go

Since this is an Election year, I like to do activities that are election related, but I don’t get into politics at all with my students. My middle school kids always ask me who I am voting for, but I never tell. I explain about secret ballots, and then we have fun electing our favorite types of sentence structure… If you are interested in that middle school ELA activity, you can find it here:

Election Day- Sentence Structure Election

Election Day Sentence Structure Election

I hope you have a great start to your Novemeber!

Best, Deborah

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