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Changing Grade Levels, A Visit to the Library, and a Back to School Freebie

Well, it has been a while since I posted. In fact, I just realized I have not posted anything since the TPT conference in Anaheim! I have had such a busy summer! Not only did I present at the conference, but I also was running a summer program for kiddos this summer. After I returned from the conference, I put all my energy having fun with them! We had a wonderful trip to the public library last week, and I think it was a fantastic place to go for a field trip. Our librarian took us in back to see the automated system that they have when books are returned. It was totally amazing how after the bar-codes were scanned, the books came down a conveyor belt, and were sorted into carts for their appropriate book shelves. This is just a small example of the larger system of the library here. Check out this link to see the automation in the main library system of King County, Washington. It is pretty amazing!


King County Automated Materials Handling

Well, my big news is that I have just accepted a job at the private Christian school where I was running the summer program and I will be teaching First Grade this year! I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful school and can’t wait to start the year. I wanted to let my followers know that they may see a shift in some of my focus now that I will be teaching primary instead of middle school.

I am nervous and excited. We will see how I adapt to being with little ones again. I know I will be teaching manners and social skills in first grade. Oh, wait? Wasn’t I teaching that in 7th grade? LOL

I plan to share ideas and I will write about my new challenges and successes changing grade levels.
So, stay tuned…and may you have a great year. We go back to school September 5th!

As always, I have a BTS freebie for you here…

Best wishes,
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