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Easter time and Testing!

I haven’t been able to post anything in a while because I really caught some sort of nasty bug in early March, and it has been a real battle just to go to school every day which took almost all of my energy. I am still on antibiotics and still coughing even as I type. However, I didn’t want to disappoint my followers who are expecting some ideas, tips, and freebies for the big events coming up…yes! Testing and Easter!

Many of you may still be on Spring Break, but we are back and we have state testing next week! Crazy as it seems, we start testing the day after Easter. I know my kids are going to be worn out and have sugar crashes! That Monday morning, they will be facing the Reading portion of the CRCT – the Georgia State test.

So, I am busy, getting my kiddos ready and psyched for the test! We have a cool school-wide incentive program at our school. Students who make the highest scores (850 and above) on all sections of the test, get a gold card which they get to use for special privileges in the year to come. They also earn a T-shirt and some wonderful prizes. Then anyone who gets an 850 or above on at least 3 or 4 sections of the test earns a green card, which allows them some lesser, but still awesome privileges, too. If they make it on one test, they receive a blue card, which they can also use for cool things in the year to come as well. ( our school colors are blue and green) It has been a real motivator in the past couple of years…test scores have come up 14%!

Here is a PowerPoint of test taking strategies that is appropriate for most grade levels from grades 3 – 8 (although 8th graders may think it is a little babyish, they will still like it)


Test Taking Strategies for State Tests PowerPoint

And here is a free door sign for you, too!



If you want some fun and quick Easter Math and Literacy Activities for Grades 4 – 8, try this packet! Many activities are ready to print and go.


Easter Activities - Math and Literacy Fun Grades 4 - 8

One tip to use for test…build their confidence. The week before testing is a great week to get the students focused on what they really do well. Pump them up with activities that will excel at to get them in the “I Know I Can Do It” frame of mind! End the week before testing on a positive note!

Best wishes everyone, and may you have a happy Easter and successful testing.


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