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Spring, Birthday, Testing, Easter!

Spring is here, and I have a few surprises for you! Yesterday was my birthday, and I am eligible for a few more senior discounts. To celebrate, I went out to dinner….A LOT, So, now I am going to have to spend the next two weeks watching what I eat. Hmmm…I am not sure that will work, because I am flying out to Seattle tomorrow out of Jacksonville, and spending two weeks with the kids and grandkids. Yay! So, I may have to put the diet off until after Easter.

To celebrate my birthday, pick up these bookmark or wristbands for free. Click on the link to pick them up…I will leave them for free until tomorrow!


Printable Rewards -  30 Bookmarks or Wristbands

I am still dabbling around with clip art. Just for fun, you can download my Spring-Clip-Art

Spring Clip Art

When your students get back from Spring Break, have them try to edit these sentences and fix the errors! Great for middle school…the sentences (and the errors) actually came from my middle school students. Editing-Activity-What-I-Did-on-Spring-Break

Editing Activity -  What I Did on Spring Break

Testing is coming up soon, or may have already started in your area. I have many resources, especially for Language Arts, for test prep. Check it out here…TEST-PREP

I love creative writing, and my kids do, too. One of my favorite activities is to get students to write about giant eggs that show up in parks around the country. If you think it would be fun, too, my resource for this will be 20% off all week!



I have other Easter Activities here, for lower grades as well as upper grades. Enjoy!

Thank you all for following me and watch for photos from Seattle! Happy Easter!

Best wishes always,

Deborah Hayes

aka HappyEdugator

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