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Sharing YOUR TIPS at the TPT Conference for Staying Fit While Working in Front of a Screen !

I know teachers have been so busy with end of the year preparations and the Teacher Appreciation Sale on TPT, either buying or selling, so I know there is not much time to read blogs! Goodness, unless it is a significant giveaway, money saver or time saver, you probably scroll right on by. I hope you have all had a great year, and enjoyed the big TPT sale…my store still remains on sale today in case you missed it.


I am currently getting ready for the TPT conference in July, and very excited to bring to you tips for staying fit and healthy when you work all day in front of a computer. I will be presenting a short mini session sharing with you how I lost a hundred pounds while working full-time as a TPT teacher author. When I was diagnosed in February 2016 with type 2 diabetes and a silent heart attack, I knew I had to make some changes and take some positive steps toward living a healthier life.

At the conference, I am also going to share tips and tricks from other teacher authors on how they manage to stay on top of their health. If you would like to participate, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create and design a single page document (portrait orientation) that contains

a short bio

your three best tips for staying healthy

a healthy recipe which you post in your TPT store for free (link to it)

your TPT logo

link to your TPT store

credit to any clip artists you use in designing your page

2. Email me your page with the above information no later than Sunday, May 28th to

3. I will be sharing the booklet with all conference goers as well as making it into a freebie in my store for all to see. This is a great opportunity for you to share your tips that will help us all stay healthy and a fun way to get your name out there, too. We can all use a healthy recipe book! :)

I am looking forward to the conference, sharing my story, and your best tips and recipes!

Best wishes for success always,

Deborah Hayes

P.S. As always, I like to share a freebie from my store. Here is a cup of kindness card for you to share with others!


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