It’s the End of Year! Eight Tips to Keep Everyone Happy!

Yay! Most teachers are counting down the days until the end of year when they wave the yellow buses good-bye, and parents are looking forward to having the kids home for the summer. While teachers are winding down, parents are looking for fun ideas of things to do with the kiddos. So starting June 1, I will be posting all about fun kids crafts and games that families can do that won’t break the budget. I am very excited about this, since I just love doing fun activities and I have lots to share! Make sure you follow me if you are looking for fun things to do with your kids this summer!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, teachers are just trying to hold it together and keep their sanity as the kids grow more and more restless. Many schools have field days during the last week, but due to some inclement weather in some parts of the country, a lot of kids are going to have to spend time indoors. Here are eight tips for teachers to try during the last week to help keep everyone happy.

1. Try something new. Now is the time to try a new approach, a new idea, or a new lesson you have never tried before. Testing is over, evaluations are finished, and the kids need a change of pace. If you read about it, saw it on Pinterest, heard about it from a colleague…now is the perfect time to see if you and the kids enjoy it.

2. Go deeper. You have spent 7 – 8 months building a foundation for your students, but maybe you just didn’t go as deep as you wanted to. Now is the time to delve in, build upon what they know, and go deeper into your topic. Perhaps use this time to make a global or communtiy connection that will help solidify their learning and give students an understanding of how their learning is important in the real world. Use technology to connect with other students and other places.

3. Explore the next level. You can go deeper, but you can also go higher. Jump to the next level. Introduce terms and concepts that build upon what they have learned and build a bridge to what students will study next year in their next grade level.

4. Listen and connect. This is a good time to really connect with those students that may have needed more personalized attention from you. Target a few students you feel you would like to have a better rapport with, and then ask good questions and really listen to them. It may make all the difference in their lives if they leave with a positive attitude about education.

5. Put students in charge. Allow your students to take the lead and explore, discover, and examine what interests them. Using a differentiated menu plan is an excellent way to let their natural curiosity help them finish the year strong.

6. Get physical. If the weather allows it, take them outside. Even if it is just to read quietly under a tree. The fresh air will do them good, and the walk outside will be a refreshing change. Play an outdoor game, take a nature walk, use sidewalk chalk for artwork, fly a kite you made in math class, or fly paper airplanes in science and measure how far they fly. Engage your students with your subject in a new and energizing way. If you can’t go outside, get physical and take brain breaks in the classroom.

7. Keep focus. It is tempting to get off course and just coast until the end of the year. Try to keep your focus on your learning goals,

8. Take time to energize. Don’t be afraid to take some time in the evening to relax. At this time of year, it is easy to just burn out. Enjoy your family and come in each day refreshed and ready to engage in a spectacular end to your year and finish strong.

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Best wishes for success always, and finish strong!

Deborah Hayes

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