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Earth Day, Teacher Appreciation, Mother’s Day!

Latin America - All About Latin America PowerPoint

I have been absent lately due to some medical issues, which has slowed me down. I haven’t been up to posting anything for the last couple of weeks, so I missed Earth Day. I have lots of Earth Day resources available in my TPT store, but if you want some fun time fillers, try my Earth Day WordSearch or my Earth Day Crossword Puzzle. Kids enjoy doing them after Earth Day, too!

So, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and to celebrate, I usually show my students the Mexican portion of my Latin America – All About Latin America PowerPoint.

I have never spent much time on Cinco de Mayo, honestly, because I am always pressed for time teaching the standards! Aren’t you? But it is a nice little break, and my students love it and get some great nonfiction reading time!

More importantly, to me, it’s National Teacher Appreciation Day! Yay! Everyone should appreciate the awesome work that teachers do! My husband had to help me at school one year. When I had a procedure done on my foot, he wheeled me around in a wheelchair for a month (yes, I have a great man behind me). He told me that he was not aware of how little time I had to plan lessons…amazed at how much time I spent in meetings, conferences, etc. He couldn’t believe I had no time to go to the bathroom, until he experienced it himself! Thank you teachers, for doing an often, these days anyway, thankless job.

TPT recognizes teachers, too, and so tomorrow they are having their end of the year Teacher Appreciation Sale, which runs May 5 -6. Just put in the coupon code ThankYou at checkout to take an additional 10% off your order. My store will be on sale all week, and 20% off during the sale, so stop by and get your wishlisted items or get a head start on Back to School.

sale 300 250

On Sunday, we honor our mothers. One activity my students enjoyed was making Mother’s Day cards using their mother’s names and making acrostic poems using proverbs..or words of wisdom from generations of mothers! If you think this would be a fun activity, check out my Mother’s Day Proverbs- What Did Your Mother Tell You? PowerPoint.  Works great for upper elementary and middle grades.

Mother's Day Proverbs - What Did Your Mother Tell You? PowerPoint

Here are some other fun ideas for things to make and do with your students for Mother’s Day:

1. Make a Mother’s Day Gift – a flower pot for mom with adjectives that describe her. Includes templates and a list of great adjetives to describe MOM. K – 3

Mother's Day Gift

2. Write a Mother’s Day Verb poem! Best for Middle grades.

Mother's Day Verb Poem

3. Create a Mother’s Day Coupon Book Not grade specific.

Mother's Day Coupon Book

4. Sing some Mother’s Day Songs.  Pre-K – 3

Mother's Day Songs

5. Make a Mother’s Day Handprint Craftivity

Mother's Day -  My Mom is the Best Craftivity

6. Use a Mother’s Day Activity Pack  One of my older products, but still very useful and fun. Not grade specific

Mother's Day Activity Pack

7. Learn about the History of Mother’s Day. Best for grades 4 – 8

Mother's Day History Fill-In

I hope you enjoy some of these Mother’s Day activities, and remember to make this Mother’s Day special for your mother, too.  And of course, as I always try to have in each post,


Mother's Day Free

Best wishes for success always! Have a great week! -~ Deborah

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