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Back to School Sale and Back Home!

Hello everyone,

I have been enjoying the last few weeks in Seattle with the new grandson and my daughter, and with my other grandson and my son! I arrived back home late Thursday night, and took the weekend to celebrate my joyous reunion with my hubby and my doggies. So happy to be home! After I got unpacked, we went to the beach and spent some quality time together! Finally reunited!

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My gentle Greg!
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Happy me!
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Reunited after 5 weeks!
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So happy together…
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The Golden Girls – Angel (in back) and Sandy

Clap along if you’re happy…I get home just in time for another TPT sale! WOO HOO! 

 TPT Sale

 I will be putting everything in my store on sale so you can save on Wednesday, August 20th! The next couple of days would be a good time to get some items wishlisted for the big one day only sale. I hope you can find time! It is precious at this time of year!

Today I have several FREEBIES to share:

Staying Cool in the Library has these terrific task cards or scoot game! 


Adjectives and Adverbs Task Cards/Scoot Game - FREEBIE

Resource Ranch has this awesome Freebie:


Choosing Just Right Books - Forever FREEBIE

Scrotten’s Stuff has this useful item for the older kids:


Academic Language Common Core Words Set 1A

and also you can catch this in my store:


Free Reading Log - Weekly Homework or Classwork Sheet

I hope everyone has a great school year and that the back to school rush doesn’t stress you out!

Best wishes, Deborah Hayes 

aka HappyEdugator

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